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Fatty diamine & Ether amine&Acetate
Bitumen EmulsionsApplicationProduct CodeComments
Slow SettingSlurry seal and microsurfacingPN E11Liquid,conventional emulsion with slightly longer open times suitable for hand working
PN 404Liquid   emulsifier,applications to extend the mix time
Cold recyclingPN 4875Liquid,very  slowsetting emulsifier for fully coated,solvents,storage stable coldmix orgrave emulsion
Mediate SettingPrime coatPN S331Pasty,the emulsion has good stability and high viscosity
Slurry surfacing and cold mix  Liquid,cationic
Quick SettingTack coat and surface dressingPN 4819Pasty,ordinary,demulsificatio
 Solid,suitable for high viscosity stone
PN 103
Application:Applicated for road construction,Anti-stripping agent, adhesion promoters.
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